TheEye slumbers…

…but for a moment.

With patch 8.0 live, many modules of the TheEye.WeakAura are now broken. They will not be updated.

A few months ago I finished up the prototype you’ve hopefully been enjoying. WeakAuras makes prototyping easy, but has limitations. Updating a WeakAura requires that you, my Shadow Priest friend, go and track down the updated version. Not a great experience.

I’m happy to announce that TheEye.Addon has been in active development for over a month. There’s still more to do. This is a project I fully intend to support and expand into the future. Because of that, I know it’s worth taking time to get it right. Shadow may not be in a great place right now, but I’m here to stay.

The focus right now is getting core modules that broke with patch 8.0 up and running: HUD: Primary, HUD: Active & Cooldown, and HUD: Secondary. I expect–but can’t promise–this to be done in time for the Battle for Azeroth release on August 14th. Leading up to that, I plan to release a bare-bones “alpha” version, with features missing and bugs guaranteed. If that sounds like an amazing time to you, I’d love your help testing when the time comes. Get in touch on Discord!

From the bottom of my Void-filled heart, thanks for your interest in this project.


Yours in C’thun,



PS: want a taste of things to come or remember the good ‘ol days? Visit the about page for the WeakAura version.