TheEye is a modular Shadow Priest WeakAura suite.


Focus on what’s important.

The skill you need, when you need it.

Only abilities you should use immediately or soon are shown on the main priority stack.

Abilities with a long cooldown are moved to a less prominent part of the UI so you can check their status without being distracted by them.

The info you need, where you need it.

Don’t search, just glance.

Everything you need concentrated around a single point.

The context you need, if you need it.

“Context icons” are used to give you relevant information at a glance.

Only shows context icons that are appropriate for your talent selection.


Don’t work so hard.

Worry free casting.

An animation appears on the icon of the highest priority spell when you should start casting it.

No more cutting Void Torrent short because of a trigger happy Void Bolt.

A HUD that gives you a heads up.

Casting spells triggers a quick animation over its icon.

Focus on what to cast next instead of wondering if your click actually registered.

Timing is important.

Critical auras are organized together with their remaining duration visible.

Cooldowns are tracked, with your attention being drawn to those that are almost over.

Knowing your enemy is too.

CCs you can use to interrupt your target will show up on their cast bar.

Icons for dots you’ve applied to your target appear on their frame.

The target’s raid icon appears by its name.


Make the Shadow fantasy real.

The Void empowers. Feel it.

Unique spell effects based on whether you’re channeling or casting.

A quick burst of blue smoke lets you know Shadowy Apparition proced.

The Void transforms. Embrace it.

Increasing Voidform stacks are rewarded by more impressive effects.

The whispers might just be enough to send you to the Void forever.

The Void hungers. Feed it.

Kills are rewarded by visual and sound effects appropriate for the difficulty of your target.

The bigger they are, the harder they explode.

The Void... whispers...

…calls for you… an eye… not your own…

Moving. Peering. Blinking.


Use only what you want.


 Well, almost only what you want.

Core is required for some of the aura modules FFto work properly, and all of TheEye’s modules are anchored to it.

If you’re using TheEye, you should be using Core.

HUD: Primary

Streamlined decision making improves your play by letting you focus on other important mechanics.

Primary abilities are organized in a priority stack, with only those you should use in the immediate future being visible. The priority stack changes depending on the type of content you’re doing.

HUD: Active & Cooldown

You need to be aware of the moment and the future, and knowing the status of buffs and cooldowns is a critical part of that. Track both easily, prioritized by importance.

Being alerted when your Insanity falls below 50% keeps you aware of your Voidform status.

HUD: Secondary

With a game as dynamic as WoW, no UI can account for every situation. Having important but occasionally used abilities organized together helps bridge the gap.

Be empowered to make smart decisions instead of scrambling to see what options you have available.

HUD: Target Frame

WoW gives you a lot of things to keep track of at once. Having it grouped together makes it easier.

Your target’s health, current cast, dot status, and raid icon are grouped with a Shadow Priest appropriate cast bar and Voidform stack tracker.

EFFECTS: Casting

Unique spell effects that reflect what you’re casting, with cast and channeled spells having their own effects. Voidform takes these effects to another plane.

Includes an effect for summoning your trusty Seeker, and that one time a year you cast Resurrection.

EFFECTS: Target Death

It’s already satisfying to send your enemies to the Void; this module makes it that much sweeter. The effects are designed to reflect the power of the enemy you’re fighting, while being mindful of context. Helpful, not distracting.

Who knew killing things could feel so good?FF

EFFECTS: Target Frame

Shadow Priests best their foes by assaulting their mind, requiring a level of focus only made possible by The Void. Make this focus real; see your enemy engulfed in shadow.

As the saying goes: when a Shadow Priest sets their mind to something, it dies.

EFFECTS: Voidform

Voidform is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be… unnatural.

Feel your power grow and your grasp on reality fade. When you fall out of Voidform the effects get wiped away, punctuating the power you’ve just lost.